Protect Children From a Dangerous Gap Between Home Elevator Doors

Home elevators are an important accessibility feature in many homes. However, children may become entrapped and suffer serious injury or death if a home elevator was installed with excessive space between the hoistway door and the elevator car door/gate (the “Gap Space”). Children have been seriously injured or killed in residential elevator entrapment incidents when installations failed to meet elevator safety standards or code requirements at the time of installation.



  • Elevators installed with more than four (4) inches of Gap Space between the hoistway doors and elevator car doors can pose a risk of serious injury or death to children.
  • If your home elevator has excessive Gap Spaces, take steps to block children from accessing it until you are able to arrange for installation of Space Guards or other measures to reduce the Gap Space.
  • Please click here for more information about the steps that you need to take to reduce the Gap Space.
  • Take steps to protect children even if children do not live in your home. Children have been seriously injured or killed in vacation rentals or while visiting grandparents’ homes equipped with an elevator.
  • Never let a child ride in an elevator without an adult, and do not let children play on or around an elevator.